Track Your Mileage Expenses Automatically

Most of the finance managers find it very difficult to track, validate and approve the mileage log submitted by their employees. A lot of time employees use their personal vehicles for business purposes and for that they need to be reimbursed for that expense. Only proper mileage tracking can help them get reimbursed for these particular expenses and also help them in tax deduction purposes.

Cost of gasoline, insurance, repairs, tires and registration fees need to be reimbursed accurately. Employees need to keep a track of the smallest details of the trip like date, time, purpose of trip and the miles travelled for tax ifta calculator. It is a very time consuming endeavor and there is always a chance of human error. There is no way to validate the hand filed mileage claims and some employees can make fraudulent claims by exploring these weak points of self reported mileage logs.

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